Nadine at the OxSight Ambassadors Social at St Pancras Hotel London

OXSIGHT Ambassador: Nadine

Nadine became an OXSIGHT ambassador on 12 August 2018 when she received her Prism glasses.

When she was 28, Nadine suffered from a brain haemorrhage and stroke which left her visually impaired and without the use of her left arm.

With the help of the glasses, Nadine’s peripheral vision has been enhanced and they have allowed her to see things that she had been missing out on since her stroke.

Nadine trying out her new OxSight Prism glasses

Nadine trying out her new OXSIGHT Prism glasses

“I can now watch the TV without missing half the screen. The glasses also help when I am playing board games with my nephew, again allowing me to enhance my vision,” said Nadine in a recent call with OXSIGHT. “I could see the game straight ahead with my normal vision, but with the glasses on I could see the left side of the game, and the colours of the counters were really lit up.”

Sometimes, she’ll take off the glasses for periods and then put them on again, just to appreciate the impact that they have on her vision.

Nadine using OxSight Prism at the theatre

Nadine using OXSIGHT Prism at the theatre

More recently, Nadine had a great evening out at the theatre. Previously, she would need to turn her head in order to take in all of the stage. However, with the help of Prism, she was able to experience the whole evening with a lot more ease and comfort.

“With the glasses, I was able to keep my head still. It felt weird as I’m so used to turning my head, but it was good facing straight ahead and facing the stage.”

OXSIGHT were also lucky enough to have Nadine attend our Ambassadors’ Social, where she was able to share her experiences with other OXSIGHT Ambassadors.

Nadine at the OxSight Ambassadors Social at St Pancras Hotel London

Nadine at the OXSIGHT Ambassadors Social at St Pancras Hotel London

oxsight ambassador david quigley with prism glasses on

OXSIGHT Prism: Dave’s Journey

OXSIGHT Ambassador Dave talks about his journey with the Prism glasses and how it has helped him with his vision loss.

war veteran emotional after being gifted oxsight prism glasses

OXSIGHT Prism Glasses help Scottish war veteran to gain visual independence again after 10 years

Low vision glasses specialist OXSIGHT has enabled Scottish war veteran to gain his independence again after losing his vision.

John Hutchinson, 90, started to go blind 10 years ago and came to rely on his guide dog Bracken.

In 2008 whilst travelling home from Africa, John noticed something wrong with his vision. On his return he visited an Optician. However, by this time, it was too late to rectify. He was suffering with retinal thrombosis. His diagnosis is a direct result of parasites infesting his bloodstream whilst serving with the United Nations.

OXSIGHT Prism glasses are designed to allow people with peripheral  vision loss (caused by conditions such as Glaucoma, Diabetes, Retinitis Pigmentosa and other degenerative eye diseases) and other low vision conditions to get the most out of their remaining vision; and to feel confident making sense of their surroundings. Using intelligent image interpretation algorithms plus micro-OLED displays to bring images into the field-of-view for the user, the glasses are designed for comfortable wear. Users can see faces of family and friends when socialising, recognise objects, hazards, read signs, manage money, see colour and enjoy hobbies.

John’s involvement with the Royal British Legion Scotland led his funding to begin, after he mentioned he would ‘‘sell his medals to fund the glasses’’. The astonished Largs branch members proposed that they would donate  money; and the rest was crowdfunded.

Chairman at the time Stuart Rumble, ensured that the crowdfunding was given plenty of exposure.

John’s story touched the hearts of the locals in his area and donations started to flood in. They had a huge help from the Largs Thistle football club, who held a charity football match of older fans and former players.

Ruth Gregory from the Royal British Legion Scotland, mentioned they were ‘‘overwhelmed and delighted’’ that their initial target had been exceeded; allowing John the full funding to purchase the OXSIGHT Prism glasses.

Here’s the moment he saw his friends for the first time in years.

patient tries on oxsight prism in india

OXSIGHT collaborates with Ansal University to create low vision centre

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Ansal University, India to set up a Low Vison Centre.

The Sushant OXSIGHT Low Vision Centre will be the referral hub in and around the Gurgaon and Delhi region for hospitals and independent eye clinics, demonstrating Low Vision Test Programs with an aim to test the suitability of patients for the OXSIGHT smart glasses.

OxSight and Ansal University Collaboration

The centre will also support academic communications and research programmes in the field of visual impairment. Subsequently promoting a sustainable ecosystem and benefit to thousands of individuals suffering from sight loss.

Prism user in India

Rakesh Roshan, CEO, OXSIGHT Ltd said, “This collaboration will bring great benefit and new opportunity to the visually impaired community in India, we are looking forward to getting started with the centre-of-excellence located at Ansal University. The platform will act as a springboard and play a lead role in strengthening the desired innovation eco-system in the field on low vision’’.

woman wearing oxsight prism glasses

OXSIGHT to sponsor the RP Fighting Blindness conference in London and information days in Birmingham, Leeds (and) Edinburgh

OXSIGHT to sponsor the RP Fighting Blindness conference in London

OXSIGHT is proud to be sponsoring the annual RP Fighting Blindness conference to be held in London and will also sponsor workshops at their regional information days in Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh.

The London conference will be held on Saturday 23rd of June 2018 at 1 America Square, 17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB. This venue is conveniently situated close to London Fenchurch Street, Tower Hill and Tower Gateway stations. You can learn more about this venue on the 1 America Square website:

OXSIGHT’s Stephen Hicks will present on the main stage of the conference and there will be demonstrations of the recently launched, OXSIGHT Prism glasses.

More information and details of how to register can be found on the RP Fighting Blindness website (

man wearing oxsight prism glasses outside

OXSIGHT awarded CE Mark certification for OXSIGHT Prism

OXSIGHT Prism Is Awarded the CE Mark Certification

OXSIGHT today announced it has been awarded a CE Mark certification for its smart glasses as a Class 1 medical device.

The CE mark confirms that the medical device meets the necessary essential requirements of the European General Medical Devices Directive including that it is fit and safe for the intended purpose.

This means that OXSIGHT has approval to market its smart glasses in the European Economic Area (EEA).

woman wearing oxsight prism glasses outside

OXSIGHT glasses go through final user feedback demonstrations before commercial release

OXSIGHT’s Final Feedback before Commercial Release

Bethan from the UK and Manuel from Germany were the latest people to receive a demonstration of the OXSIGHT Prism smart glasses. The OXSIGHT team, including customer care lead Rob Evans and consultant optometrist Daniel Crown demonstrated the glasses as part of the company’s programme, to work with and listen to feedback from the sight impaired community.

OXSIGHT is also working closely with blind community groups, including Retina UK and the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB). The glasses are available directly from OXSIGHT as part of this early launch phase. Enquiries should be directed to